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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beef Burgundy

This is an old school, no measurements kind of recipe. Don't freak. It's easy!

Get an inexpensive cut. Something on sale. Little fat is best. And a cut that is generally tough is just fine too, because you will cook it slow and in wine. It WILL be fork tender when you are done! A general rule of thumb is to figure 6-8 oz of meat (uncooked) per person. And don't forget leftovers!!

Bay leaf
Mushrooms (which I never add)
Bacon (which I also never add)

~Make a dredge for your meat with the flour, salt and pepper.
~Cube the meat.
~Roll in the flour mixture.
~Heat the oil (or cook the bacon and remove, leaving the fat for frying). A dutch oven works well, because you can make the whole thing in just 1 pot.
~Brown the meat in the hot oil. Don't over crowd the pan or the meat will kind of steam and cook through instead of browning. Just put the meat in the oil, and don't touch it for several minutes. Turn and brown the other sides. If the meat sticks, it is not ready to turn yet. Remove from the pan and put it on a plate. Continue until all meat is browned.
~Drain off all extra fat, but DO NOT clean off all of the browned bits in the bottom. There is a lot of good flavor in those bits!
~Put the meat back in the pot.
~Cover with Burgundy and add a bay leaf.
~Add the chopped up bacon back in now if you used it. Which I hope you didn't. Because who wants burgundy that tastes like bacon. I am just saying. It's your burgundy. Make it your way.
~Cook on low 2-3 hours, or until meat is tender.

Now for the veggie part:
I do not like the veggies to taste so much like wine. I want them to taste like veggies. So...
~Slice the onions and carrots.
~Saute them in a little olive oil until crisp tender.
~Add them to the meat about 20" before it is done.
But you can add them at the beginning too.
If that's how you want to eat it.
Which is the wrong way to do it.
But it is your burgundy.
And I would never meddle or over manage.
So make it your way.
Hugs (and a smile) from your Mimi!!

serves ???
This recipe, including the bacon part, is from J Lo.

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