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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Holiday Leftover Quiche

1 jumbo flour tortilla
1-1/2 c leftover ham, chopped
8 eggs
1 c cheddar cheese
1 c milk

~soak the tortilla in the milk for 10" - 15". (yummiest way)
~or not, you can also just warm it up on a burner. (quick and easy)
~line a 9" pie pan with the tortilla.
~spoon in the ham.
~sprinkle the cheese over the ham.
~whisk the eggs and milk together. (the same milk you used to soak the tortilla)
~pour over the ham/cheese.
~bake at 350 until it is set (about 45-55")

serves 6-8
Mimi's recipe.

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